Monday, January 27, 2014

30 Years young, yet so accomplished!

Happy 30th Birthday Macintosh! Wow, what an achievement. In just thirty years, Macintosh has not only just branded and distinguished its name in the world, but has essentially entered numerous households across the world. Known for it's glowing Apple logo, the Macintosh has even made it into the realm of education. Although I boldly stated that my MacBook Pro was the first system of Macintosh that entered my life, it just dawned on me now that in fact, a different type of Macintosh played a big role in my learning as early as the fourth grade.

While the Mac was in my life pretty early, how could that memory be so lost? Especially, now that I love using this system? It's still a wonder as to how my love for the PC developed. Perhaps it was just my love for comfort. With the Mac I am able to think outside the box and be amazed by the ways this system is accommodating to a somewhat "new" user.  I am able to be creative in my own quirky way. 

As I rediscover my love of freedom to create, the question that I am essentially trying to answer is how did I go years without such a system like the Mac? From musicians to designers, and from the business world to the field of education, the Mac allows for creativity in every way possible. If the world knows this, how can one go long without this creative medium? In fact, how can students be concealed from this information?  One theory I concluded was that unlike my later years in middle school and high school, my elementary school was a Fine Arts school that allowed students to explore their potential in the Arts. That explains a lot.

I could go on and on about how unfair it is for schools to implement and teach their curriculum with such a system as the Mac, because that would just highlight the economic problem that exist. The main important thing to focus on is what the Mac allows you to do even well into your adulthood. As a current graduate student, I can't seem to brag enough about having a Mac. Now wouldn't it be better for students to start their early education with a Mac?  

For the students that are so fortunate, and for the schools that are thoughtful, I applaud your experience with such a medium, because your students will feel free and not restricted. Your student's will be apart of history in the advancement of technology. 30 years in the game of technology, and yet so accomplished. Once again, Happy Birthday Mac!

I watched a video on Youtube about the accomplishments Mac has made in technology, and a few quotes stood out. Feel free to watch what I thought was an advancement in creativity. 30 years of pure genius.

"It inspired people to think what is possible, and that made people do better work."

"The future of creation is bringing people together and ideas together."

"Nobody had any idea 30 years ago what the world was going to be like, or how these tools would be used. They are interesting, precisely, because you don't know how they are going to be used tomorrow. And that is the beauty of Macintosh."

I can't wait to see what else is in store for the Mac, but better yet, I can't wait to be a part of this movement. 

Forever a Mac user.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Beginnings...

Taking the first step is crucial in anything you do in life. Without hesitating to take that first step you are more likely to be stuck and left behind. Sometimes so left behind, it's hard to even know where to start again. So now you're stuck. But somehow, there's a voice in your head, nagging you to NOT stop, and because of that you can't accept the way things are going. This first step is my introduction to the world of technology.

The world of technology could be black and white to those who think of technology as a box. To put technology in a box would mean that you just define technology as just a phone, a T.V., a computer, an iPod, without really considering anything else. This could be dangerous. When you define things as such, one is likely to be stuck in the mud, and sink deeper and deeper. In the world of technology, there is a quick pace of doing things. Every day, or what seems like everyday, a new gadgets is introduced.  In the blink of an eye, one could be introduced to five different gadgets, and unfortunately only a few of those gadgets will continue to impact that person and so many in this world.

As a student, I remember learning with a good ol’ pencil and a good ol’ notebook. I guess that time sounds like ancient history to everyone younger than me. Student’s learning experience today looks completely different. I distinctly remember my time at the University of Minnesota, where students were handed iPads to help boost their learning. I guess that’s what you call being prepared for students who are impacted by the fast changing world of technology. It’s as if the U clearly understood that the incoming freshmen would be better off equipped with technology. I call that preparing and providing these students with a skill of the future. Since many jobs today require technology as a great part of the job, what a better way to integrate these students into the world of technology by giving them a powerful tool.

This reminds me of the infamous proverb  “You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” To emphasize and connect this proverb with the learning of students today, we must acknowledge that providing the tools to navigate the world of technology is more important than just introducing technology to students.

As an enthusiastic educator, who has a passion to teach and learn, I must promise to always take a first step. So here are my promises to my future students. I promise to learn as much of what I think will benefit you. I promise to help you learn through a medium that will make you feel more engaged. I promise to enhance your learning through technology, even if that means I have to specifically dig around to find your match. I promise to always take the first step in making you a better learner. Now here is my first step. Wish me the best!